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Hello and welcome to my web site

My name is João Pereira and I am from one of the most beautifull cities in Portugal, a place called Aveiro.

As some of you might know Aveiro is also know as Portuguese’s Venice due to its characteristic channels that spread accross the city in the Ria zone. The city centre is also bubling with nightlife and modern shopping centers. In recent years Aveiro has become the place of reference for Young and modern life with its renovated city centre not being yet overwelmed by the traffic and overpopulation you encounter in bigger cities. Here you can appreciate the fresh sea food everyday, being Aveiro a fishing city you have the most characteristic fish markets in the country and this reflects in the excellent restaurants that opened recently in the area. You can also combine the food experience with a Spa in the core of the city in the new Melia hotel. If you are curious you can take a look in here or just go visit one day and enjoy the city that has converted from a fishing zone into a tourism spot very appreciated among the people who look for the best Portugal has to offer .

The University of Aveiro, a modern and cutting edge University recently ranked among the best european universities is located in the historic center of the city. I choosed this University to complete my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science because it forms the best telecom professionals and has a 100% empregability rate in the first year in the work market after ending the degree.

After finishing my course I have departed my home town to work in other places. I have worked in Oporto, Leeds, Madrid and will be recently enlarging this list. As many like to say i one more child of the globalization where the world is my country.

At this moment me and my lovely wife are working and living in Madrid enjoying the sybarite type of life the city has to offer. We both have excellent Jobs but are willing to look for new experiences abroad.

But life is not only work. During my free time I like to watch series, play video games, listen to music and have a nice glass of wine during a nice meal. When i have some free time I love to cook.

My portfolio

Professional life

During University time I started doing some web pages in LAMP, with some friends. It started with some local projects and then we were able to get a contract to start a small E-Commerce site.

But then University ended and we parted each for our own path. I started working for PT Inovação, as a consultant of Outsoft, in Aveiro were I got a lot of experience developing and costumizing the OCS that was deployed in places like Portugal, Timor, Morocco, Angola...

Always wanted to have an experience abroad, so I decided to move to Oporto's Office of Wipro Technologies and soon after I got shipped into Leeds. In this job I had the oportunity to move to a different area and work really as a consultant. During my stay at the company I worked with very important clients like Morrisons PLC, Ahold US and Mercal. It was a rewarding experience in therms of market knowledge and Enterprise organization.

But then love happened and it was in Madrid so I packed and moved to Madrid and started working as a consultant of Blue Telecom Consulting at Ericsson Spain. Working there I came back to Networking on the DPI product SASN. I was part of the team that took SASN in a new platform called SSR.

The first city I lived in the US was Cincinnati, Ohio during my time there I worked for Hubert as a web developer, playing with Spring/Java, Javascript, Jenkins, Ansible and Zabbix.

But after sometime me and my wife decided to move to New York City. After moving I started working for Pivotal and I worked in different position in the company. Worked as a consultant for Pivotal Labs helping our clients to develop better software, was part of the server team for Greenplum, worked on PGAdmin to support the community and add better support for Greenplum database. Latelly I have been more focused on Cloud Foundry helping change CFDev become lighter and faster. Also pretty excited to be part of the team that is creating the spec for Buildpacks V3 as well as add tools to enable developers to use them.

Personal projects

Open source contribution

Contributed to multiple open source projects

Application developer

Developed application for the science area

Teaching assistant

Teaching assistant on multiple online courses

Scrum Master and project leader

Scrum master by day and hacker by night.


Science DNA Viewer

High throughput analysis program to analyse DNA and proteomic sequences and compare mutations in among any protein in the fasta format.

Source code for version 1.0.0 can be found at

Download the application and start using it right now at

International Unit Viewer

Simple application that can be used to convert between ISU Units and do some calculation with them

Source code for version 1.0.0 can be found at

Download the application and start using it right now at

GitHub Release Note

Application that will generate a release note from a GitHub repository PR

Source code for version 1.0.0 can be found at

Take a look at the live application in

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